Hello Again!

Rotten Cash is back? Well to be truthful Rotten Cash never really got off the ground. We had started 2021 with the best of intentions and with a positive outlook, as I am sure many of you did. Our original affiliate program swung into action, but it was ill fated. So welcome to Rotten Cash Version 2.0.

What is so different about Rotten Cash this time? Firstly, your account is managed through SegPay, and this is a big thing. So, for us, they will screen you as an affiliate, and make sure you are who you say you are, and an established industry professional. That means, that all those guys looking for free content, will not get access to our promotion areas.

The second thing they do, is good news for you as an affiliate. SegPay are the nice people that pay you for promoting our websites. They are still using a NATS backbone, this is an industry standard. But unlike before, were we had to personally process your payments, SegPay automatically do this.

Lessons were learnt, and it has taken us a few months to recover and get the ball moving on the affiliate program again. This time we are back stronger with great support from SegPay, working with us as a team.

Down the Center

What do we offer?

For promoting our site(s), we offer 50% on all sign-ups for the lifetime of those memberships. To help you do that. We have a selection of banners and Free Hosted Galleries (FHG). The galleries have a responsive design so that ipad and cellphone users can view and navigate them.

We currently have 3 sites in our portfolio, these sites cover very different adult themes, but may host the same models. Hopefully with your help, we will attract traffic on same or similar themes or fans of the models.

We employ models from two different pools. With soft content from the UK, and harder content, from the EU. This is reflected in our sites. We have one site (hollyshunnes.com) that is based on UK models, where (adultallstars.com) is focused on Hardcore content from the EU. Our main website (college-uniform.com) uses both models from the UK and EU, and covers both Soft and Hard content respectively.


Getting Started

It is easy, all you have to do, is apply for an affiliate’s account with SegPay (if you don’t already have one) and fill in some information about yourself, confirm your email and then get promoting with our banners and content we made for you.

You can check your stats and arrange your payment when and as you wish, and remember every person that you send us, that signs up, you will get 50% of what they pay, ever month until they end their membership, just for sending us someone on a link, via some media we can already created for you.

It is money, for almost doing completely nothing. Remember also if you use twitter and you link to one of our sites, include your affiliate code in the link, and you will get the same deal.

We have the content we will provide the quality. You send us the customers, you provide the quantity.


Your Affiliate Tools

Unlike a lot of other affiliate programs, SegPay give you a lot more that just stats on sign-ups. You will be able to see which country, the number of hit on our site, your conversion ratio and the OS and device. This allows you to place our media, in the right place to attract more traffic and make money on those conversions.

SegPay, also have a tool that create the correct link (with your affiliate code) allowing you to cut and paste into your webpages. They have simplified it for you. Once you have signed up, most of what you will do is point and click on their interface.

Rotten Cash Sign Up