Who are we?

We are Rotten Banana Media, a UK based Multimedia company, officially we became established in 2015, however our origins can be traced back to 2004 and one computer science student, to whom one evening thought “I could do one of those sites”.

As an industry outsider, after 17 years of working with website, photography and video has given us some experience. We dealt with changes in the law, culture and politics and we have adapted to all those challenges.

2021, has been a challenge dealing with both COVID and BREXIT , but we are still here, optimistic and looking forward to getting back to full production. However, the time away from production gave us the opportunity to get a lot of things in order.

This company started with £90, a 100watt light bulb and a 1.5megapixel camera in student accommodation. Rotten Banana Media is a Small Company, with 3 members in the team, working both in the UK and the EU.

It is safe to say that I have moved on from the 100watt light bulb.

Go Webby webs


Yes, where is all started. Webmasters are misunderstood. There are good webmasters, and there a bad.

If you give your content to your webmaster, and they host it for you on your site, and take a 50% cut of your site… then you have a bad webmaster.

What a webmaster should do is this. Host your site and manage it, create it style and look and graphic design (or outsource it) but make sure it looks professional and works with different devices. Scheduling your content and updates. Customer support, with your members and organising your billing processor. Promotion, remember they are taking 50% so it is in their interest to promote your site. social media, legal advice, what you can and cannot host on your site. Protection and prevention with password sharing and DMCA content removal where needed. Reaching out to other webmasters and exchange traffic and cross sell. Organise an affiliates program. Filter out your messages and emails from fans and customers and removing any spam or nasty mails. That worth 50%, that webmaster will be chasing you for content, update and give you ideas what you can do.

Whereas the first example you will chase, and possibly get a delayed reply

Snappy Snap Snap


OWe really do love our photography. It is our passion. Regardless of being in the studio or out on location. 90% of our time we are producing content for websites and other clients. However, on the odd occasion we still get printed work and that is the best feeling of all.

We push ourselves to be better, it I think shows in the quality of our work, the photography team here is not competitive, but we try to keep to each other level of work quality.



We are currently working with 4K video, now with software improvements and the addition of AI software, we have been able to upscale and improve the quality on 720p and 1080p video into 4K. So far with have had a good response from our member websites which have been encouraging.

Our next project, which we are always planning is VR, we believe this would bring something extra to our websites that a lot of our competitors are currently missing it will also be another selling point as VR is still a very niche market.