Great Scott!

The Future

Well as you can imagine, the immediate plans are getting back to work fully after the COVID crisis. We want to reconnect with colleagues and partners. We have been unable to shoot UK models here in the EU, and that now looks even more unlikely with BREXIT, but we have also been unable to supply our partners with content due to no production.

Now that we have a photographer based in the UK shooting content for college-uniform, it has eased up the pressure on shooting soft content here for that site in the EU, we may at some point get the odd model over to shoot if it is feasible, however we can now focus on EU models and performs, there is even talk at relocating to Budapest.

We need new stock for all our sites, and we would like to open up our own picture / content bank, but these where ideas we had before COVID struck.

Getting the Snip!

Video Plans

We are continuing to push forwards with A.I. enhancement of existing content.

We are going to start a new line of VR content.

We want to improve the sound and production quality of our current productions; this will involve some new investments on new equipment. We are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of Appleā€™s 27inch iMac with apple silicon later in 2021. We would like to see it performance with rendering and speed with Final Cut Pro.


Photography Plans

So far, we have plans to shoot in Portugal during October 2021. Not only is this giving us something to look forward to, but we and in need for new content for Hollys Hunnies and some outdoor work would be great assist at this time to have.

There are no plans to buy new equipment, however based of experience now with mirrorless cameras, it is highly likely that we will move away for DSLRs in the future, they are less wait, there are less things that can go wrong, but only time with tell.